Trendy Kitchen Designs For Your Brisbane Home

If you’re living in Brisbane and are planning to renovate your kitchen, you are definitely spoiled for choice. Due to the city’s location and different building styles, Brisbane homes allow for several different kitchen designs. For the realisation and implementation of your kitchen makeover in Brisbane, it is definitely advisable to get in touch with an expert in this field. Unique Design, for instance, developed a strong reputation in the industry and specialises in the creative fitting of different kitchen designs.

But before you hire a company for the fitting of your new kitchen, you should get an idea of which style you want to go for. Listed below are the most popular kitchen ideas that perfectly fit in with the style of typical Brisbane homes:

kitchen makeovers Brisbane
  1.  Coastal Style Kitchen

While Brisbane is about an hour away from the closest beach, there is no reason why we shouldn’t bring that coastal style into the city. Reminding you of the unique feeling of sticking your feet into the sand, a coastal kitchen can create that endless summer vibe for your home. Typical for the style are natural colours and materials that resemble the beach environment. Sandy tones and wooden materials are often mixed with light and soothing elements to achieve a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, you can consider including marine-themed accessories in order to complement the sea vibe of your new kitchen. Seashells, driftwood, and rope lights are some elements that are perfect to create that coastal flair. 

  1. Country Style Kitchen

Country Style Kitchens combine aesthetic appeal and functionality in a unique way. Typical for the style are features that remind you of modern country living, like wood carvings and rustic wood knots, for instance. In combination with natural timbers like oak, pine, cherry, and maple, those features create a modern farmhouse-chic that perfectly goes with the style of a typical Brisbane Queenslander. Particular attention should be given to the choice of cabinetry, as big and garnished kitchen cabinets are essential for the right look. 

  1. Industrial Style Kitchen

If you are living in a Brisbane apartment and aim to achieve that industrial look that reminds you of a trendy loft in New York City, an industrial style kitchen might be the right choice for you. Luckily, industrial style kitchens do not require massive warehouse space to work and, therefore, are a great choice for any apartment in Brisbane. While focussing on low-maintenance, the look typically combines rustic and ultra-modern elements in one design. Exposed brick or concrete walls, as well as polished concrete floors or wooden floorboards, are great elements to create that desired industrial style. To complete the picture, you should consider adding features of stainless steel, that are not only strong but also easy to clean.

  1. French Style Kitchen

French-style kitchens are suitable for anyone who loves a balance between world-class chic and rustic elements. Dreaming of your summer in Europe last year, including features like beautiful corbels, mouldings, and pilasters into your kitchen bring that sophisticated Parisian flair into your Brisbane home. Another fundamental element of a french style kitchen cabinetry with a really detailed design, ideally with a lot of carvings, turnings, and mouldings. Subtle colours, painted finishes and brass handles give your new french kitchen the final touches.

  1. Hampton Style Kitchen

Inspired by a breathtakingly beautiful coastal area, located on the east coast of the USA, Hamptons style kitchens combine coastal flair with classic elements of a french provincial style kitchen. Characteristic for this style are cabinets in the typical shaker style and light natural colours. For a more modern adaption of the style, you can consider including glass-fronted cabinetry. When it comes to the matching flooring, you can either go with the same light colours of the kitchen or create a pleasant contrast with dark timber floors. 

  1. Contemporary Style Kitchen

If you are more after a clean and minimalistic look for your new kitchen, a kitchen in the popular contemporary style is likely to be the right choice for your situation. It is not only efficient, spacious and convenient, it also fits in with any other furniture style that you already have in your home. Due to the simple and minimalistic features of a contemporary kitchen, it is easy to get customised to your individual needs. 

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