Types of pendant Lights for Kitchen Island Bench

Kitchen island slab is an important part of the kitchen which is hard to ignore when it comes to the kitchen lighting décor. The neatness and exquisiteness of island slab show high standards of sanitation of inhabitants and their love with cleanliness. There are different ways to increase the appealing look of kitchen island bench in which pendant lights are at top of the list. Here we are going to introduce you different types of pendant lights for kitchen island slabs which vary in shape and design.

Glass Pendant Lights

Glass pendant light is the very popular type of pendant lights which is made of glass of acrylic. The glass or acrylic around the bulb spread the light and casts a soft impact. It’s a directional light and perfect for task areas where you need constant and excessive light for work. Apart from providing light, it adds value to the beauty of the kitchen and improves its functionality. You can give instant clean and fresh look to your kitchen by adding mini pendant lights or fancy globe in your kitchen. Caged pendant or bronze pendants are the most liked design of pendant lights which you see in countryside areas.

Shade Pendant Light

Picture1Picture1Shade pendant lights produce softer glow as it spreads light through a cloth and disperses all the surrounding area. Shade pendant lights are stylish and elegant and available in various shapes. You can select color and design as per your desire. Cone shape shade pendant lights are perfect for small island bench while you can also choose cylindrical or cone shape pendant lights to get directional light. They are easy to hang and all you require is an industrial wire for it. No need to worry about maintenance as it gets cleaned with a little effort.

Bowl Pendant Light

Bowl light pendants are another favorite type of interior designers. A small bowl is affixed in the center with a rod while three chains are also used to hang it. The selection of bars or chain depends on the choice of the person. Usually, these bowl pendants are used to get white light and they perfectly match with white themed kitchen.

Lantern Pendant Light

custom timber plantation shutterLantern pendant light is commonly used for outdoor use but it also is used for kitchen island bench if you have a traditional kitchen. A light source is caged inside the glass and one can also choose the number of bulbs inside the glass cage. They provide dim and soft light which is ideal for nights when you switch off the task lights and just need dim light to illuminate the areas.

Mini Pendant Lights

A single canopy is used to hang different small light sources. Give an instant appealing and stylish look to your kitchen island by hanging mini pendants on the kitchen island. The bright illumination source and ambient light source can be used in mini pendant lights to create a unique interior design.

Always consider the theme of your kitchen and slab color before choosing a pendant light. Bright lights are better for dark colored kitchen island while light and soft lights go well with light colored island benches.

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