Curtains and Window Treatments

Curtains and window treatments serve several purposes in our house. It protects us from the heat, dust, and harmful particles, and also is an important part of our house design and style. It can be in the form of curtains, window blinds, or even window shades.
When you go buying a window treatment you must look for some important factors like how efficient is it in protecting your house, the durability, whether it matches the other furnishings in the house and so on. The curtains can be made up of different materials like cotton, silk, bamboo, paper, jute, or even grasses.

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You can buy curtain or window treatments or even make one by self. To make a curtain at home, you will need the required fabric or material of the desired length. Contrary to the conventional curtains, you can browse the net for some contemporary and trendy patterns or be creative and make a pattern for yourself. Take the correct measurements and work out the pattern. You can make window blinds and shades at home using the required material. It can be made out of paper, bamboo, jute, or other synthetic materials. The cutting and joining part may be a bit difficult, but the end result will be worth the effort. It is always a joy to make things for home and use them.

More people are opting for the eco-friendly curtain and window treatments made up of recyclable materials. These may not be as durable as the synthetic ones. But you can renew it annually as it is not that costly. Some shades and blinds act as energy and money savers as well – materials like glass have insulation and filtering properties. Using the pleated shades you can lower the shade from the top and allow sunlight to come through the top of the window shade. This way you can have lot more control on the light entering your house and also save a lot of electricity bills. Honey comb shades are very popular now.

When you choose a curtain, it is going to cover a considerably fair amount of your wall. So it must be elegant and suit the ambience of your room. You can choose a curtain which matches your lamp shades, sofas, tables, and the other furnishings in the room.

If you live in a hot part of the globe, select window curtains and shades which block the excess heat but allow air to flow in and out. And if you are located in a cold region, choose something which blocks the wind, but is transparent. This allows the light to enter the room and prevents the inside heat to escape while keeping you warm. For moderate climates you can buy silky or soft materials depending on your choice as your choice of curtains and window treatments.

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