What are Plantation Shutters and why use them?

Windows really are the eyes that lead into the soul of a home, so the shutter you use to accentuate that window is extremely important from an aesthetic appearance. There are plenty of options from which to choose when it comes to your window treatments, from stationary shutters to solid panels that can be raised. Plantation shutters, however, have an advantage over all of them to make them the most modern and stylish choice of all.

Plantation Shutters indicate the louvre size

What makes plantation shutters a great choice for your windows is that you have many different options when using the shutters. They can be installed on a hinge to give you a full window of sunshine or a customisable tempered level thanks to the operable louvres. They can be permanently installed in the window recesses so you can use the shutters as blinds. Shutters come in all shapes and sizes, but plantation shutters refer to the blade size instead of the actual shutter size. The concept was originally imported from the Spanish colonies, plantation shutters often have a wide louvre that is separated by a narrow divider rail. They come in many different widths and options today, however, which means you can get the right sized shutters for whatever window you have!

custom timber plantation shutter

Plantation Shutters come in virtually any finish

What’s lovely about plantation shutters is that they can be made to compliment any interior style you may have. Does your home have pine crown moulding? You can compliment that with pine shutters! Do you have mahogany furniture? Then you can get mahogany shutters to compliment your furnishings! Made from virtually any style of wood, you can get the natural look your home demands for a fair and reasonable price. You can also get pressed wood, fibreglass, and vinyl options for your shutters if you’d prefer as well so your home as the exact modern styling you want it to have.

Is a half shutter a good option?

Sometimes you have a small window that you want to have some shutters on, so a half shutter is a viable installation option. The issue with half shutters is that they are often close to the same price as a full set of plantation shutters are, so you may wish to examine other options for smaller windows that don’t demand a full set of shutters.

Plantation Shutters cost less than custom curtains

Maybe the best reason to install plantation shutters is the fact that they often cost less than custom made curtains. Unlike curtains, these shutters can also add value to your home as well. If you are purchasing a home or having one built, many lenders will even let you finance the installation of these shutters because there is so much inherent value in having them! If you want a beautiful and unique look for your home, try plantation shutters – they are affordable, stylish, and highly desirable.

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